:: Darussalaam Masjid is the heart of the city of New York. There is a large community of Muslims working in the surrounding area. In the year of 2006, some of the community members realized that we needed a place to perform our daily Salatul. For this purpose, they arranged a place at 148-16 87 road Jamaica.

In this Masjid,the number of people was increasing day by day and this place did not have enough room to accommodate for Friday salat. Later, we built a masjid complex to perfrom our salat.

In early 2006 a Shura Council was formed to act as the Board of Directors and to more appropriately manage the increasing number of functions served by the community center.

The focus of the Darussalaam Masjid inc. has evolved far beyond being simply a place of prayer for Muslims and is now a central hub of activities and services filling the needs of the Muslim community in Jamaica, New York. Besides regular religious services, current programs include educational classes and lectures for both adults and children, youth group programs, food and monetary support programs for the needy, and more.

Our community consists of nearly every kind of ethnic group found in the Muslim world and beyond which brings a wonderful variety of people to each community activity.

If you would like to contact us about any matter, please fill free to reach us