Darussalaam Masjid Inc is managed by a broad range of people with different expertise. There are currently 10 Trustees serving the Trust for the periodically



The current President of the Darussalaam Masjid Inc. He has been a long time volunteer of the Mosque since the 2006s, becoming involved with the Mosque’s management in the late 2004s. He is an Academic Leader who has worked at the various well know organization for the last 15 years.


The current Honorary Secretary of the Darussalaam Masjid Inc. He has a long history of serving the Darussalaam Masjid Inc  since 2009. He works as an Teacher at CUNY.


He has served the Darussalaam Masjid Inc since 2009. Currently he is the Vice-Presidnet of the Masjid. He is also a retired local businessmen. He is very passionate about addressing social and community issues.


He currently serves as Treasurer for the Darussalaam Masjid Inc. He is a local government officer by profession. He takes on the governance responsibility to improve the organization’s income generation and sustainability.

Board of trustee

He is an educationalist, community activist, author and parenting consultant in the American Muslim community. He has served New York’s diverse communities in various capacities for three decades. He is serving as President of the board of trustees at the Darusslaam Masjid from 2006-2013. He is also a founding member of The Darusslaam Masjid School. He was also a board member of the

Key Staff

Executive Director

He is the Executive Director of the Darusslaam Masjid inc since 2006. He has a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance.

Mowlana Mukit

Mowlana Mukit has been the Chief Imam and Khateeb of the Darusslaam Masjid inc since 2006. He studied Islamic Sciences and Uloomul Hadith at the Madrasah Aliah, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he continued his study of Islamic Sciences under several scholars.

Media & Communications Officer

He Farsi is the Media & Communications Officer. He manages the public relations and press of the Masjid. He has a background in New Media and has previously worked as a Creative Director, for a digital design agency which he founded in 2008 that specialized in graphic design and web development.